Company Profile

Corporate information

Company name
Headquarters location
1-14-33, Kawamata, Higashi-Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu,Japan 577-0063
100,000,000 JPY (100 million)
Date of Establishment
Kyo Oue
Main Business Activities
Planning, Developing, Designing, Import / export, sales of own brand’s product
Main sales destination
General merchandise wholesale, Retailer, Internet Retailer, premium planning company


■Visitors taking train

Osaka metro Chuo-line “Takaida” station Exit No.3 about 4min to East, walk.
Japan Railways Osaka-east line “Takaida-Chuo”station about 5min to East, walk.

■Visitors with cars

We are afraid that we do not have a parking lot.
Please use a nearby parking lot or public transportation.

※We do not have showrooms or direct shops.
※We do not accept general customer’s visits or tours.

Corporate history

“BE-S LTD.” established in Sakai-shi, Osaka Prefecture.
Mar. 1999
Increased capital to ten million yen.
Mar. 1999
Relocated to Nakanomachi, Sakai-shi.
Jun. 1999
Organizational change to “BE-S CO.,LTD.”
Feb. 2001
Relocated to Shinjo, Higashi-Osaka-shi.
Jun. 2001
Founded import sector.
Feb. 2002
Starts planning and developing products for original brands.
Feb. 2003
Expands planning, developing and importing business.
Apr. 2004
Relocated to Yokomakuranishi, Higashi-Osaka-Shi.
Apr. 2005
Increased capital to 15 million yen.
May. 2005
Increased capital to 60 million yen.
Oct. 2005
Changed address due to land readjustment.
May. 2006
Increased capital to 100 million yen.
Apr. 2008
Established Osaka Central Sales Office in Chuo-ku, Higashi-Osaka.
Oct. 2010
Relocated HQ to Nagata, Higashi-Osaka and merged the Central Sales Office.
May. 2014
Established Tokyo Sales Office in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.
Mar. 2016
Relocated Tokyo Sales Office to Toyoshima-ku, Tokyo.
Sep. 2016
Closed Tokyo Sales Office.
Jan. 2018
Relocated HQ to present address.