S D G s

Our efforts for SDGs

We support the policy of SDGs for the future of humanity and the natural environment, and take actions to contribute to the policy through our business.

Our action is based on our corporate slogan “Changing Idea Into Product”.
Including facilities, system, and manufacturing, every action we take is “Pleasing for people and environment” , and here are some sample cases.

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are international goals adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015 as sustainable development goals that apply to all countries, such as addressing economic disparity, sustainable consumption and production, and combating climate change.

It consists of 17 goals (major targets) and 169 specific targets to be achieved over the 15-year period from 2015 to 2030 in order for the 193 member countries of the United Nations to leave no one behind on the planet.

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Efforts for keeping our employees healthy.

In order to keep our employees healthy, we have completely prohibited smoking during working hours and have installed heat-exchanging ventilation fans.
The special features about the fan is that they can effectively circulate the air while making no loss of heat/coolness, and able to remove dust and pollen that is harmful to human bodies. Not only those fans are good for our health, they are effective for saving energies and reducing Co2s.
We are also creating a working environment which will prevent lack of exercise. We have installed an adjustable desk so that our employees can stand up and work, instead of just sitting all day at their seat. During break time, they are free to use equipment such as exercise machines and table tennis tables.

Developing Human Resources and Comfortable Working Environment.

We offer opportunities for employees to learn through in-house / external training sessions.
Both man / woman employees have experienced childcare leave, and we will mail you once a month about how the company’s doing during the leave. Employees are able to choose short working hours while their child is young.

Efforts for Packaging

We deliver our products to the retailer and customer everyday. Therefore, we are making efforts to reduce plastic wrappings and are using packing materials
concerning the natural environment.

For instance, when we are sending a small product, instead of using cardboards, we pack them in a paper bag.
We are making efforts to simplify packing materials and making compact packages.

By packing our product regarding the transportation agency’s fee structure which depends by the actual size, we do not make any dead space in the transport truck.
We rather ship our products by sea than by air for overseas purchase considering CO2 emissions.

Efforts for sorting and reducing garbage

In our company, every staff member (including president) joins together and participates in sorting garbage and recycling activities, which helps reduce the emission of Co2.
Not only sorting garbage, we also make an action to reduce the amount of them. Our highly adjustable and rearrangeable half-DIY products will prevent purchase and disposal of extra products. Promoting paperless documents by sharing electronic data and installing a monitor in the conference room will help reduce the amount of paper disposal.

Efforts for saving electric energy

In order to reduce standby electricity consumption, we control the electronic devices which employees use by power strips and digital timers. Installing power saving products such as LED products is also effective.
For the same reason, we welcome employees working in plain clothes, and encourage planning new projects which help to use less unnecessary air-conditioning.